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The Top Email Marketing Templates Sollution

Email marketing should not be confused with newsletters, ezines or other forms of online publication. The word marketing in “email marketing” tells us that this is focused on marketing. Before you send out your next issue, read through this page for more information as well as links to some sites were you can find email marketing templates for free!

Html Email Marketing Templates

When we talk about email marketing templates the templates based on html are the ones used inmost cases. This unless the layout is of no interest and the content is the main focus.

When using html based templates of any kind you still need some kind of html editor to manage, format and maintain your templates. This is true for all types of templates you download and keep on your computer. The best solution according to top marketers and publishers online is to use a service that handle both your mailinglists, the mailing itself and your html templates! I use and recommend and before you read any further, take a look at their take on html email marketing templates.

Email Marketing Templates Resources

Here’s some sites we have scouted for you to save you time! You’ll find free templates and additional information here.

Free Email Marketing Templates

GraphicMail gives you over 100 templates which you can easily modify to ensure you have a professional, visually powerful email within minutes.

Email Marketing Template

Carbongrafitti All email marketing templates are hand-coded HTML for maximum email client compatibility*, and are free for download and use.

Our friends over at mailchimp has some nice things to offer you as well. They not only provide you with html email marketing templates, they also invites you to download their specially designed editor to work with them!

The Top Email Marketing Templates Sollution!

Email Design Made Easy

  • Simply insert your content into our ready-to-use templates
  • Over 150 templates to choose from
  • 1-column and 2-column designs
  • Multiple color schemes to match your branding
  • Easily add your logo and other images
  • Matching web form templates
  • Compatible with all major email services

This solution is provided by and while not free, it will provide you with everything you need (including the kitchen sink).

Email Marketing and Opt-Ins

You need a list to make your email marketing work. One of the fastest and easiest ways of cathing new subscribers is to use graphical opt-in boxes. Using pre made opt-in boxes like these will save you a lot of time. Time better spent elsewhere.


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