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Free Landing Page Templates

We’re happy to share with you our list of sites online where you can find free landing page templates. To find this free landing page templates list, keep on reading.

Information about what a landing page is, how to create them why you can or should use them will come as well.

A landing page, or as it’s often called, lead capture page (or squeeze page, fly trap) is a page created especially to suit the incoming traffic with a specific purpose in mind. We normally try to make connect the content to the incoming link or ad. The goal is to “lead” the incoming visitor on, into a subscription, purchase or even move on to yet another page.

The Two Types of Landing Pages

You can divide landing pages between referential and transactional. The first one is created to make the visitor feel at home. Also to try and convince them to stay and read and continue doing that.

The transactional type is more straight on. It goes for the kill directly and is meant to sell, make the visitors sign up for something or in general “take action”.

PPC Landing Pages

One special breed of landing pages that have become more and more common are the ppc landing pages. Often extremely specialized and in many cases with a lot of scripting under the hood.

The reason for all this is to make the landing page as highly search engine optimized and focused possible, to the exact incoming keyword used at the PPC side of the traffic transaction. This increases conversion and lowers the ppc cost.

Free Landing Page Templates Download Sites List

This list is in no way complete and we’re hoping to find and add new sites continuously.

Visit for a nice free landing page template package. Another site with free landing page templates is A guy called Zac Johnson has a very nice landing page template you can download.

Improve Landing Page Conversion

Improving landing page conversions is one of the primary goals when you work with landing pages. Testing and more testing with changes and tweaks will help you improve the conversion rate for your landing page. Important to remember is that you must be analyzing your traffic when you do this. A free google analytics account will do the trick!