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Self-Publishing Information

Self-publishing is when the author publish any book or media by himself without any help from others. The author also will cover the self publishing costs without any help from others.

Self-publishing is still a small percentage of all published books in the world but the number of published books increase on daily basis.

Business Aspects of Self-Publishing

The biggest difference between self-publishing and the old fashioned way of publishing is the lack of a traditional publisher. Now the author is the one creating, editing, publishing, marketing and in many cases selling the book.

The best part of self-publishing is when using print on demand as no inventory has to be kept and this in turn eliminates all or almost all costs for the author.

Print on Demand

Print on demand is offered by many online companies. If you use for example Amazon Createspace you’ll enjoy all the benefits of print on demand, combined with all the best self publishing benefits. Just imagine what it could do for your book to have it listed on Amazon!

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Self Publishing with Kindle

Using Amazon kindle is a bit different as one can’t call it print on demand. The reason for this is that books sold on kindle are electronic books, made for digital readers (or software in computers and similar).

You can write your own book and publish it for sale on kindle in the same way you would do it on Amazon’s Createspace though.

Publishing with kindle is quite easy and can be done almost for free. If you’re ready to become a publsihed author and start making money from books sold by Amazon, take a look at this easy to follow how to publish on kindle Video course!

Printing and production quality

Formatting for kindle is a bit special as your book will be read on what often are very small screens. My advice is that you read some more detailed instructions on how to format text, page sizes and other important factors before publishing your kindle edition ebook.

When publishing a book using Createspace things are a bit different. There are a number of different page sizes but most of them are page sizes you’re acustomed to from having read books. Even so, some formatting and afterthought is recommended here to.

Newsletters and Self-Publishing

You may wonder what newsletters and self-publishing have in common?

It’s quite easy to find a connection because when you publish a newsletter you end up with a lot of written material. This material is often written with the same or similar theme.

So, when you have enough material, use a word editor and make a single document (ebook) of it and publish it via kindle or createspace!

Self-Publishing via kindle is one of the hottest things online now!


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