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Newsletter Creation

Newsletter creation is an inexpensive and fast way to establish a connection with people, find new prospects and turn potential prospects into paying customers. Creating a newsletter from scratch will involve a number of tasks as well as needed skills. This page will try to sprt these requirenments out for you and provide you with helpful information that will get you started!

Newsletter Format Options

There are several different newsletter formats you can use when creating and distributing your newsletter. They all have their pros and cons and you’ll see them all below.

Text Newsletter

Newsletter creation using text format is the oldest, most reliable and easiest way to do it Many newsletter and ezine owners this format over the others presented. Why so? Text is used to present text and nothingmore. There’s no images, videos, sound or animated gifs jumping all over the message. This will allow the reader to focus more on the message itself than everyting else that is going on.

One of the downsides is just the lack of all the graphical elements relying on text for your newsletter creation as you may go for a more colorful or multimedia approach in your communication channels. If that’s the case, text is not for you.

Newsletter Creation

PDF Format

Choosing pdf format for your newsletter may be a good solution. You can use many different programs, like Microsoft Word, to write and format you rnewsletter and then save it as a pdf file. This file can be sent as an attachement via email or by snailmail after printing. If you send your newsletter issue as an attachment, anyone can open it thanks to the free Adobe acrobat reader.

Opting for pdf as a format will allow you to create multimedia rich newsletters as pdf supports many types of images, sounds and similar.

Remember to create a subject line that will remind individuals you are sending your newsletter, or you risk your PDF being deleted.


The hottest format on the playingfield is html. It has been said that html is more often blocked by spam filters and security software and this is true. The reason being that html can include hidden information, links, scripts and other possible security risks.

What is good about html though is the absolutely magnificent support it has for including video, images, sounds and pictures. There’s virtually no limit on how flashy and interactive you can make a html newsletter.

WARNING! Do not forget that unless you can include all resources used in your newsletter, in the actual newsletter, the person viewing it must have access to internet while reading the newsletter. This as you most likely have soundfiles, videos and other resources stored at youtube, your own server, Amazon S3 or similar. If the person reading the newsletter lack internet connection, your newsletter can’t reach these sites and download (show/play) the content.

Your Content

Contenwise choosing format may or may not be of importance. If you create format according to your format things will come out correctly automatically. If you have a specific content you would like to display when you are about to create your newsletter, you may have to use the contents need for resources and other requirenments as a startingpoint for what format you choose.

Value of Content

There should always be content that is valuable to readers. It has become increasingly more common to create “throw away” newsletters. A newsletter or list that is created for a specific reason and not long term communication. The content sent to this type of list is seldom created with longevity in mind but rather results. Once the desired goal is reached the list is killed by leaving it or plain and simple mailed to death with offers until no subscribers are left.

If your newsletter is based more in communicating with your subscribers while building a relationsship, content quality and sharing valuable information if a very important factor to consider.


Avoid spamming people! If you like most seasoned marketers and pro newsletter listowners use service like aweber for your lists, you’ll be well prepared to avoid span. The big list handling companies have spam detection solutions built into your service, allowing you the check and see how “spammy” your message will be when sent.

This will allow you to revise and correct your content before sending any broadcasts out to your list.

If you’re sending out emails directly from your own computer you’re not as lucky. You will have to rely on third party solutions to check you emails

One of these servicess is called Spam Assassin. Theyhave services you can use to check your newsletter content before you send it out to catch spam phrases and words. For more information visit Spam Assasin.


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