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How to make a Template with Word

Template creation with a word processing program like Microsoft Word is well worth the learning curve. Using word you’ll find yourself using the same layout and design elements time after time. This goes for any use and template creation is something you’ll benefit from in your daily office use of word as well as when using word for newsletters. Save time with documents by creating a master document with some standard formatting and content by creating something called a template.

Templates allow you to reuse an already saved layout without the added work of creating it all over every time you need it. Follow the steps outlined below to get started on creating your Word templates.

  • Start a new document and make the needed layout changes plus any other content change or inclusion you want in your template.
  • When it is time to save, click “Save as type” and choose document template. Templates will also have a .dot extension instead of the normal document extension of doc or docx.

Word as a Newsletter Tool

Word can be used for newsletter creation even though I do not personally find it to be the best tool. This unless you’re creating a print or pdf based newsletter as word with all its sofistication will allow you to create stunning newsletters if you can handle all the formatting.

For newsletters mailed as text or low in formatting, word is not the software to use.

Creating a word template from scratch is easy!

Now you can start thinking about all the fantastic things you can add to a document for reuse (template) in the future. Using the insert function in word you can add fields like for example the date field, automatically adding the days date to a newly opened document, started from a template. Other things often used are headers/footers, tables, graphics and other content that require substantial work to get right. Do it once and enjoy the fruits of your labor many times by creating templates!


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