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Self-Publishing Information

Self-publishing is when the author publish any book or media by himself without any help from others. The author also will cover the self publishing costs without any help from others.

Self-publishing is still a small percentage of all published books in the world but the number of published books increase on daily basis.

Business Aspects of Self-Publishing

The biggest difference between self-publishing and the old fashioned way of publishing is the lack of a traditional publisher. Now the author is the one creating, editing, publishing, marketing and in many cases selling the book.

The best part of self-publishing is when using print on demand as no inventory has to be kept and this in turn eliminates all or almost all costs for the author.

Print on Demand

Print on demand is offered by many online companies. If you use for example Amazon Createspace you’ll enjoy all the benefits of print on demand, combined with all the best self publishing benefits. Just imagine what it could do for your book to have it listed on Amazon!

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Self Publishing with Kindle

Using Amazon kindle is a bit different as one can’t call it print on demand. The reason for this is that books sold on kindle are electronic books, made for digital readers (or software in computers and similar).

You can write your own book and publish it for sale on kindle in the same way you would do it on Amazon’s Createspace though.

Publishing with kindle is quite easy and can be done almost for free. If you’re ready to become a publsihed author and start making money from books sold by Amazon, take a look at this easy to follow how to publish on kindle Video course!

Printing and production quality

Formatting for kindle is a bit special as your book will be read on what often are very small screens. My advice is that you read some more detailed instructions on how to format text, page sizes and other important factors before publishing your kindle edition ebook.

When publishing a book using Createspace things are a bit different. There are a number of different page sizes but most of them are page sizes you’re acustomed to from having read books. Even so, some formatting and afterthought is recommended here to.

Newsletters and Self-Publishing

You may wonder what newsletters and self-publishing have in common?

It’s quite easy to find a connection because when you publish a newsletter you end up with a lot of written material. This material is often written with the same or similar theme.

So, when you have enough material, use a word editor and make a single document (ebook) of it and publish it via kindle or createspace!

Self-Publishing via kindle is one of the hottest things online now!

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Web Templates Can Make The Design of Your Website an Easy Task

Not only will the web templates shorten the time it takes to produce the page, it will also in most cases enhance the layout and choise of colors and content.

If you need help (not the normal help, but certified SBI webmasters) with your site, check out SBI’s certified webmasters as they excel not only in knowledge, but roi, dedication and they come verified and tested from helping many SBI owners,

Stop losing time on website design

web templates comes in many shapes, forms and colors. Some are pure html, others have psd file with graphics included and in most will you find attached cascading style sheet files and javascripts for date calculation or time.

Another way of doing it

SBI (Site Build It) from Ken Evoy not only competes with Microsoft on providing hosting solutions for online business people. It does so and much more.

Site Build It is like magic wand put into your hands. Use it according to the instructions and “you will” get traffic.

Check out some case studies and you will understand why Bill Gates isn’t sleeping to well!

See the service from SBI that is beating the living daylights out of Microsofts hosting service!

SBI Certified Webmasters

SBI even have their own certified webmaster ready to help you with any problem and task you might have once you have your own SBI site. Certified webmaster to help you with your web templates or site in general. Or download your own free (pdf) webmasters bussiness course directly from sitesell and read it in your home.

Two different templates types

1. Graphical Layouts

With the term graphical layouts do I refer to web templates made by people skilled in color enhancement, graphical layout, html and other coding.

2. Selling or Profit Pulling templates

Here you have a completely different web template.

These templates are ment to attract, mesmerize, sell and in any way capture the interest of the visitor.

They are in many cases not completely correct according to the color tables, the choices of layout and other elements of the template.

NEW – The All Inclusive Template Package

Amazing package giving you not only 5 high quality web site templates, but html startup guide, “a ton” of easy to use javascripts and the ebook everybody is talking about, “instant PDF ebook Creation” with resell rights included.

Anyone can create a site that sparkles with power by using proven hi quality, Cash Pulling web templates as a base for enhancing your website.

Catch the visitor

When a possible subscriber for your newsletter arrives to your site, is it very important that you catch their interest long enough to have them read at least the main headline and into the text following the headline.

This way will you catch them and bring them into your world. You have to take them by the hand and lead them all the way to the point on your site where you want them to go.

Even with a visually compelling web template, can you not be without the words.

Choose the right words and you may strike it rich.

What words should you use then?

Anyone can create a hypnotic, trance inducing text, pulling the reader into your universe of selling, making them follow your suggestions when you know how to make your words sell. Combine the amazing web templates with the magic you get from following the link above and you will have an unbeatable, success creting web site!

Where to put this pre made web templates?

Put the hot web templates on the wrong server and it will be like trying to put a sea into a cup, it will fail.

To really be prepared for all the visits and visitors you will get, choose a webhost with enough capacity to handle the load.

You probably know already that there are many things to look out for and compare when choosing your webhost and that most of the good things you want and need, costs extra.

Host with your brain, read this … .

Take your time and check you the link above, you will thank me later for telling you!

And be sure to check out what is included in the package as it is beyond what any other hosting company has ever offered before.

You’ll get tools you have only dreamt about, but did not even think existed.

So do the right thing and check it out now!

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Learn List Building in Your Home!

List Building – Build & Grow Your Online Mailing List for Maximum Profits. Keep on Reading to see How You Can do it, starting today!

Learn List Building in Your Home!

Starting and managing lists isn’t as hard as many think.

The basic concept of how it all is done is the same all over the world, for all lists, in all languages and using any tools and services.


There are many names on lists used for email marketing and one of the most common ones is optin lists.

Other names are email lists, subscriber lists, broadcast lists and mass mail list. .

Master The Art of Building Lists

The step from having a list with some subscriber to adding a large number of new subscribers to the list like clockwork, then turning them into purchase hungry readers attacking every email you send you with glowing eyes hoping you will offer them a new amazing product to buy, is a long journey.

Affiliate List Dynamite is a package that can compete with the best out there.

This is a package consisting off software, videos, course material and pre made autoresponder messages that have proven to sell well!

The value for the money is amazing!

You may be a newbie or just starting out and here’s where the Mastery Course comes in!

It’s a 3 step course.

Some examples from module 101!

  • A killer technique that can enable you to double or even triple your list building results using any of these tenderfoot techniques alone!
  • How to get TARGETED traffic funneled in from major Search Engines online FREE!
  • How to use articles to build your mailing list and establish yourself as an authority figure in any niche of your choosing!
  • How to earn decent returns from paid advertising online – I show you how NOT to waste money in lousy advertising PLUS show you how to identify paid advertising revenue that really works!
  • What it takes to achieve MAXIMUM opt-in rates from your list building campaigns!

Some examples from module 202 …

  • How to expand your mailing list further thus making it more substantial than ever – I teach you the advanced level techniques of building your mailing list at a fast and furious pace!
  • A compound list building method that will build your mailing list for you in an exponential manner and on autopilot!
  • How to use subscribers to make subscribers! This is not an often used technique in list building but can prove to be effective if done correctly and the BEST part is… you don’t have to fork out a dime to do it!
  • How to use co-registration leads to build your mailing list. This particular area in Internet Marketing is interestingly controversial and well, all hyped up with fluffs. I cut through all the B.S. here and tell it like it is – how it can work for you

and Finally from module 303 …

  • The three single most TOP notch techniques that you can practice and use to build your mailing list the “guru style”!
  • How to recruit a massive army of affiliates to do your bidding! This is one of the most popular list building and profit-pulling vehicles as used by the big dogs of Internet Marketing and high-level online entrepreneurs – and I will show you how you, too, can harness this power in YOUR favor!
  • How to strike Joint Ventures with top level marketers in your niche and get these big hitters to willingly work with you to bring you to the top!
  • How to monetize your mailing list – pick and choose your cash points and milk them out for profits!
  • How to instill long term credibility in a “me marketing” style to your mailing list! Your prospects will prefer to look forward to YOUR emails than your competitors that they are subscribed to!

Do yourself a favour and visit the Dynamite List Building site and read the webpage all the way through. You’ll see that there’s no way you can afford to waste time on trial and error compared to having it all handed to you on a silver platter like this.

Building lists filled with information hungry subscribers will be the best thing you’ve ever done, and these ebooks,videos, software and pre made messages will not only show you exactly how to do it, but help you do it!